Adoption Process


Purchasing a Nocoatkitty

We DO NOT take any deposits on unborn kittens.  If your interested in one of our babies please fill out an application. You can simply just send us an email to with all your responses to the questions. PLEASE be as detailed as possible! We want the best homes for each and every kitten!

Once kittens are 3 weeks old we start accepting deposits. We will send you photos of the available kittens. We do not allow visitors to our home to view the kittens at this age. Unfortunately before their first vaccines at 8 weeks old their little immune systems are not developed yet and still very sensitive. Any of us can carry viruses in the nursery on our clothing, shoes, hands etc. Kittens are VERY socialized here with us. They are raised with dogs, children, and plenty of other kitties! You are welcome to visit your kitten after he/she is vaccinated! **We do not allow visits to test for allergies. We share our home with 2 domestic shorthair cats and a mane coon that have full run of the house. If you want to see if you can tolerate a sphynx its best to find a home with hairless cats only.

Once you choose a kitten we will send you a contract to sign. It is signed electronically right online. You have 24 hours to sign it or contract voids. Once you sign contract depsosit can be made.

We send photos of your kitten every 2-3 weeks so you can watch your little one grow. Videos are posted on IG story.