I never in a million years thought I would ever...

have to make a page like this, nor have to defend myself or my business from online cyber bullies. This past year has been a tuff one though. The cat fancy is a VERY unique group of breeders! If you read my "about me" story you will see how I got into breeding this wonderful breed of cats! I was only 23 years old when I started breeding sphynx as a hobby. I sadly found out pretty fast there were a lot of bullies in the cat world and showing cats put me in the middle of drama that is just not part of my personality or what Nocoatkitty is about.

So you can better understand me, I have been in hospitality management since I was 18 years old (now 38). I started breeding sphynx as a hobby when I fell in love with the breed when I got my first sphynx at 23. They say the bar business is full of drama.... I was never prepared for what I had to deal with in the cat fancy. ANYWAYS... there are breeders out there that are very jealous of the success of Nocoatkitty and our amazing kitties. They have put many fake reviews/ rip off reports online about myself and our cats. Not a word of it is true and it is quite obvious by the reviews of our happy kitty families. We have great references from any of our veterinarians, veterinarian specialists, and any of our previous kitty buyers. If your interested in references they are available at your request anytime. I also have a FACEBOOK PAGE and a BLOG where new kitty families leave feedback and reviews! Feel free to contact any one of them if you like, as they will be more then happy to talk to you! 

I am embarrassed I even had to make this page but the bullying has gotten so bad online and unfortunately there are scam websites like and that will allow people to post with fake names and fake email addresses with NO PROOF they even done business with the company in question. Basically its a soap box for competitors and bullies. I much rather focus on our kittens here and the future of my breeding program then have to defend myself online against cyber bullies. I made this page in case anyone happens to stumble upon the unnecessary drama.

We have kittens to cuddle, litter boxes to scoop, and hungry bellies to feed here at Nocoatkitty... we dont do drama!